Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Episode Of The Thornbirds

I read The Thornbirds a few weeks ago and instantly wanted to see the miniseries.  I got it in the mail yesterday, and I watched the first episode.  I've only heard good things about the miniseries, so I had high expectations going in.  I wasn't disappointed.  The first episode was really good.  I think the actress that played Mary Carson was great...really despicable--just like in the book.

I think when a movie or miniseries has the same "feel" or "intentions" as the book it's a success even when there are a few minor differences.  If the rest of the episodes follow the example of the first, The Thornbirds Miniseries will be great.

I'm hoping to watch a couple of episodes this weekend.  I'll keep you posted (:

Source:  IMDB

Barbara Stanwyck as Mary Carson
Source:  Zap 2 it

I found this clip from The Thornbirds on YouTube.  About 4 minutes into the clip is what I think is Mary Carson's best scene.  I can see why Stanwyck won the Emmy for her performance that year.  


  1. I bought this DVD series for my mom. She loved it when it originally came out!

    1. I've watched the first two episodes, and I'm really enjoying it.