Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Thoughts On "Crossed" By Ally Condie

Source:  Goodreads

Crossed is the second book in the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie.  It is the story of Cassia who has found a way to leave the controlling "Society" and all of it's rules and regulations behind in search of Ky; the boy she wasn't supposed to fall in love with but did anyway.  We follow Cassia as she leaves her family and her best friend and true Society Match, Xander behind and finds a way into the Outer Provinces where she believes Ky to be, and then as she runs to the Carving, a grouping of canyons that just might lead to Ky and the rebellion called The Rising that she is so eager to join.  Along the way she is forced to do things she never thought she could and make decisions she never thought she would.

I liked this one, but I have to admit that I didn't like it as much as Matched.  Matched was a real page turner for me.  I couldn't put it down.  With this one, I enjoyed it while I was reading but I would go a day and not ever pick it up.  It seemed to me there was a lot of the same thing happening over and over again throughout most of the book.  It did pick up toward the end though, and over all I really enjoyed it.  I love the characters in this book, so I will absolutely read the final book in the trilogy, Reached.  I think I've figured out what's going to happen!  It's due out in November, so I guess we'll see (:

I'd also like to say after much begging by my 9 year old daughter...I'm finally reading Harry Potter. I think I may be the only one left on the planet that hasn't!


  1. I haven't read Matched yet, but I really want to do so! I tell you, there is some fantastic teen lit out there.

    1. Before I started reading blogs I never really read much teen lit. I just thought it wasn't for me, but I have been proven wrong over and over again. There is some really great stuff out there!