Friday, July 22, 2011

I Don't Care How Old It Is! I Want To Blog About It.

I know that a lot of the books I will talk about on my blog are old news to some, but they will be new to many (including myself sometimes).  Also, I am new to blogging and there are books I've read and loved in the past that I want to blog about.  Occasionally, I look over my book lists, notes, and summaries, and when a book from the past jumps out at me I want to blog about it.

Sara Nelson's book, So Many Books, So Little Time is one of those books.  A few years ago when I worked at the library, a lot of my time was spent straightening and putting away books.  I loved it!  I mean I was basically spending hours a day looking at books, and when I came across this book I checked it out.

 I love lists.  I love to make lists and read lists.  That may be weird, but it's true.  I have lists about everything...books, chores, household projects, movies, vacations I want to take, and I NEVER go to the grocery store without my list.

So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading by Sara Nelson is basically a reading list in book form, and maybe that's why I liked it.

From my journal 4/2/09...
"In this book, Sara Nelson decides to spend a year reading at least one book a week and writing about what she read.  She soon discovers that even though she has a rather extensive list and all kinds of books at her fingertips, it's not always easy to find a book.  She learns that you don't always choose a book.  Sometimes the very best books choose you.  She found that not only her moods, but also her everyday life and environment lead her to the books she reads."

Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson is an editor, book reviewer, consultant, columnist, and author.  She was editor in chief at Publisher's Weekly from 2005 to 2009.  She is currently the book editor for Oprah's "O Magazine", and I came across this summer reading list she created on Oprah's website, "If You Liked That Book, You'll Love...: What should you read next? O's book editor Sara Nelson has 12 recommendations based on your literary tastes."  You can check it out by clicking HERE

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