Monday, June 20, 2011

Without Him Nothing Else Matters

Book list 101-110

101.On the Other Side of the Hill by Roger Lea MacBride
102.Little Town in the Ozarks by Roger Lea MacBride
103.New Dawn on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride
104.On the Banks of the Bayou by Roger Lea MacBride
105.Bachelor Girl by Roger Lea MacBride
106.Laura's Rose by William T. Anderson
107.Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
108.Deception Point by Dan Brown
109.The Ghost in the Little House by William Holtz
110.The Way of the Shepherd by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak

In my last post I talked about our visit to Laura Ingalls Wilder's home in Mansfield, Missouri.  Before that trip I had never really heard of Rose Wilder Lane.  I mean, I knew Laura and Almonzo had a baby, but that's it.  It turns out that Rose was a famous writer in her day.  She was famous before her mother.  An entire section of the museum at Laura's home is dedicated to Rose.  As you can tell by this portion of the list I came home very interested in Rose Wilder Lane.  That lead me to read the Rose books.  They are set at Rocky Ridge Farm and tell of Rose's life growing up.  Roger Lea MacBride was the adopted grandson of Rose and eventual heir to the Little House series.  He may be best known as the 1976 Libertarian Party Candidate for president.

# 101 of my book list

Rose Wilder Lane Was born in DeSmet, Dakota Territory on December 5, 1886.  She was a journalist, travel writer, and novelist.  She is also credited as being the mother of the Libertarian movement.  If you want to read about the Libertarian party you can go to

Rose Wilder Lane
Number 109 on the list is The Ghost in the Little House.  It is a biography about Rose Wilder Lane, and if you like reading biographies, I would highly recommend it.

According to my notes I finished this book on February 28, 2008.  In my journal it reads:

"Well I finished the RWL biography.  I have to say that this book has made me think more than any book has in a long time."

I admired her tenacity, her strength, her independence, and her intelligence.  I sympathized with the battles that raged in her mind.  But most of all I was saddened and disappointed to learn that she claimed to be an atheist.  How can someone who is so smart be so blind to the truth.  Her self induced misery stemmed from one thing...the absence of Jesus Christ in her life.  Because without Him, nothing else matters.

Front View Rose Wilder Lane Headstone
Source:  My Photo

Back View RoseWilder Lane Headstone
Source:  My Photo

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