Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm currently reading The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way, so I thought I'd do a little research on the honeysuckle.


“The honeysuckle produces large amounts of nectar. It has strongly scented flowers, attracting moths in the evening. In Shakespeare's time, the plant was called woodbine..."

A honeysuckle is a plant that can range from a vine to a shrub. There are around one hundred eighty different varieties of honeysuckle. Some of them are deciduous and some are evergreen. Many of the deciduous honeysuckle can also be evergreen in warmer climates. The height of a mature honeysuckle varies by species, but usually ranges from one to three feet tall. The hardiness of a honeysuckle plant also varies by species, with most hardy in zones five through eight.
(Source:  About Honeysuckle)


Japanese Honeysuckle


I thought I'd look for another book with honeysuckle in the title, and here's what I found...

This one has some great reviews on Goodreads!
Source:  Goodreads

Civil War-no one could flee from the nightmare of battle and the countless lives it devoured. Everyone had sacrificed-suffered profound misery and unimaginable loss. Vivianna Bartholomew was no exception. The war had torn her from her home-orphaned her. The merciless war seemed to take everything-even the man she loved. Still, Vivianna yet knew gratitude-for a kind friend had taken her in upon the death of her parents. Thus, she was cared for-even loved. Yet, as General Lee surrendered signaling the war's imminent end-as Vivianna remained with the remnants of the Turner family-her soul clung to the letters written by her lost soldier-to his memory written in her heart. Could a woman ever heal from the loss of such a love? Could a woman's heart forget that it may find another? Vivianna Bartholomew thought not. Still, it is often in the world that miracles occur-that love endures even after hope has been abandoned. Thus, one balmy Alabama morning-as two ragged soldiers wound the road toward the Turner house-Vivianna began to know-to know that miracles do exist-that love is never truly lost.

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