Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I'm Reading Now And Some Southern Food

I started My Summer of Southern Discomfort yesterday, but it's been a busy weekend so far so I haven't read all that much.

Source:  Goodreads

Since this is the month of all things southern, thanks to the "Southern Belle Challenge".  I thought I'd share some of the southern things we've cooked this weekend.  Yesterday my husband's family had a family reunion and it was my job to make the banana pudding and the macaroni and cheese.  You can't get more southern than banana pudding and macaroni and cheese!  At the reunion we had barbecue ribs, fried chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, potato salad, baked beans, broccoli & cauliflower salad, plenty of watermelon, and lots more.  For dessert there was cake and banana pudding.  We played corn hole and the kids played on a tire swing, played volleyball, and rode horses.  It was a very fun day and all very southern!  I must also add that it was very HOT...also southern.

Today after church we had cabbage with polish sausage for lunch, and my husband made fried cornbread.  Again, I'd say fried cornbread is very southern, and I put strawberry preserves on mine.  We had big glasses of unsweetened iced tea and it was yummy!

I'm looking forward to an extra day at home with my family since there's no school or work tomorrow!

Now I'm off to get some reading done...


  1. Oh, you are making me miss the hubby's family's Southern spreads! I never even thought I liked banana pudding until his aunt decided to start making a slightly tweaked Paula Dean recipe. Now I can't get enough - it's a good thing I only get it once a year or so!

  2. I am the "go to girl" for banana pudding in my family...on both sides...I make it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, cookouts...Thanks for commenting:)