Monday, September 19, 2011

Who Had A Hissy Fit In Madison, Georgia?

I'm currently reading Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews.  I'm on page 159, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a little research on the town that the book is set in, Madison, Georgia.

Welcome to Madison, Georgia!!!!
Check in often with the Madison-Morgan Convention & Visitors Bureau to learn about new and exciting events, ticket prices, admission fees, and the ins and outs of Madison & Morgan County. In 2001, Madison was voted the "#1 Small Town in America" by Travel Holiday Magazine. Madison is Georgia's "authentic southern town", with an array of ambient local dining options, 45+ specialty shops and over 160 antique dealers. Just one hour east of Atlanta on I-20, we're the perfect day trip, but an even better weekend get-away. Madison offers a whole host of bed & breakfasts, national brand lodging options, and even a bonafide guest ranch. See why we're the "Town General Sherman Refused to Burn"! (Source: Explore Georgia)

Source:  Explore Georgia

In the book the main character, Keeley, is in the middle of redoing a crumbling antebellum mansion called Mulberry Hill.  This is what I imagine it must look like, or will when she's finished.

Belonging to the period before a war, especially the American Civil War. (Source:

Heritage Hall
Greek Revival Home built in 1811
Source:  Explore Georgia

Greek Revival:  n.An architectural style imitating elements of ancient Greek temple design, popular in the United States and Europe in the first half of the 19th century.  (Source:

If you'd like to visit Madison, Georgia's tourism website, you can do so by clicking HERE.


  1. I have yet to read Hissy Fit but I have enjoyed some of Mary Kay Andrews other books. I sure wish I was closer to Madison, Georgia. It sounds beautiful! unfortunately I am closer to Madison, Wisconsin.

  2. Beth...I've been through Georgia, but I haven't spent any amount of time there. I'd really like to though.

  3. As you probably remember, I saw in that binder at the library that Hissy Fit is in a genre called Gossip Lit. I've just finished The Book Thief (was good and might possibly blog about it this month) and have started reading The Scandalous Summer of Sissy Leblanc. I think it probably falls into the category of Gossip Lit as well.

  4. Hi Beth W.L.! Thanks for commenting!